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Fear and U.S. Government

Terrorism in America

(Written on 4 June 2008)

By S. Wolf Britain
"And Now The Apocalypse!"

[Copyright (c) 2008-2012 in the U.S.A.
and Internationally by "And Now The
Apocalypse!" (,
and/or S. Wolf Britain.
All rights reserved.]



        As previously described and explained in "My Complaint to the ACLU" of 27 March 2006 (click here to access), I have been targeted by the U.S. government for retribution due to my nothing but peaceful and non-violent stand in defense of civil liberties, seeking redress of legitimate, non-frivolous grievances for violations of law, both by said government and other corporate and/or private parties, and pursuing due process of law through the appropriate agencies and procedures that the government had theretofore encouraged. I was visited by the "Department of Homeland Security (DHS)" and served what essentially amounts to an unConstitutional "federal restraining order" pursuant to the "U.S.A. Patriot Act" and other unConstitutional "laws" (the "Homeland Security Act", et al.), restricting me from, and seeking to scare me out of, continuing to carry out my free speech rights, and the seeking of redress of grievances and due process of law from the government, unless I want to incur further government retribution and/or threat of serious ramifications resulting from the continued non-violent exercise of those (/my) civil liberties.

I have come to realize, since the filing of my American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Complaint concerning same, that I was setup and/or entrapped by the "U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.)" employee who falsely accused me of threatening her, by her intentionally seeking to anger me with false accusations of my 1.) being a liar, and 2.) recording our phone conversations, in order to provoke an angry response so she could falsely claim, under the new regulations spoken of above, that I threatened her, what the government now very broadly calls, "perceived threatening conduct". The U.S. government has thereby unConstitutionally and illegally outlawed non-violent free speech expression(s) of anger; and this overly broad perception of "threatening conduct" is obviously unConstitutional because of its criminalizing of free speech and its inherent violation of free speech rights under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (also known as Article One of the Bill of Rights), and because it presumes all those accused of it guilty, without any adjudication or finding thereof by any court of law of relevant jurisdiction, and in completely illegal denial of due process of law thereby, in violation of the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution (otherwise known as the Fifth and Sixth Articles of the Bill of Rights).

As a result of the aforementioned government action(s) against me, I was thrown into a state of fear as they intended; and I was so concerned that if I sought other than organizational and/or very limited legal redress for the government's violations of my civil rights, and other than through the one "required" avenue that they "provided" for my further entrapment, I would thereby be allowing myself to be additionally entrapped and/or setup to have further adverse action(s) taken against me. Therefore, other than filing my ACLU Complaint, I did nothing else to seek redress for said violation(s) of my civil liberties for the past two (2) years, until now. But, due to the occurrence in the past couple of days of another related entrapment, I must go as public, and/or make the present situation as much a matter of public record, as I can; and, in the process, use this article about same to also discuss and clarify the motives of the U.S. government in carrying out such unConstitutional actions against countless Americans, as they, their agents and/or corporate associates have carried out against me.

As the title of this article attests to, the government's motives are to so terrorize civil liberties advocates like myself, as well as the population of the U.S. as a whole, that the government will create such a climate of fear that it will stifle individual and even organized dissent, and will get neighbor to turn against neighbor, particularly causing blind conformists and those who apathetically surrender to the eradication of freedom in the United States to turn against and aid the government in destroying civil liberties defenders like myself. But more on that later on in this article. Right now, I will address the specifics of the latest attempt to setup and/or entrap me, after addressing inseparably connected issues, as follows:

Over the past two months or so, I have been made increasingly concerned about an occurrence regarding my U.S.D.A., government subsidized apartment complex for the elderly and disabled, which is being used to put me in greater jeopardy of additional retribution from the government, and further threats thereby to my liberty and/or physical safety. The above-referenced "federal restraining order", as stated in my ACLU Complaint also referenced above, "...has... restricted (my) access regarding the Multi-Family Housing 515 program and (my) tenancy in..." the government subsidized apartment complex in which I now reside, otherwise "...(f)ailure to strictly comply with the restriction notice above could negatively impact (my) continued participation in the USDA, Rural Development, Multi-Family Housing, 515 Program…” and my tenancy in said apartment complex that I now reside in.

The "restriction" in question orders me " communicate with the USDA, Rural Development, State Office, […], solely in a written format sent through the United States Postal Service mail system, addressed as specified below: USDA, Rural Development, State Office, ATTN: Civil Rights Coordinator, […] (t)his includes, but is not limited to faxes, telephone calls, e-mails, cell phone and voice mail...", which gives the impression that I supposedly cannot legally communicate with the management and/or owners of said complex, but "requires" me to accept, and only use, the entrapping avenue of communication that is ostensibly the only such avenue that they have left to me through which to communicate, indirectly, with said ownership and/or management of the apartment complex. Or so it would appear, though it is not made clear.

One could argue that the restriction is only referring to my communication directly with U.S.D.A. alone; but, since the management and/or ownership of same are agents and/or corporate associates of U.S.D.A. through their involvement in the government financing and/or subsidized program named above, it could also be interpreted as applying to communication with said ownership and/or management, or restriction therefrom. Thus, in cases of my needing to communicate directly with management and/or ownership of said apartment complex, which it would seem could not be legally and/or reasonably restricted, at least until we entered the "bizarro world" of the post-9/11 corporate fascism taking over the U.S. and the world, I am placed in a completely untenable position where I am both "damned if I do and damned if I don't" contact the ownership and/or management of the complex, no doubt intentionally. And that brings me to the following other specifics of which I spoke above:

About two months ago the complex came under new resident management, a single woman with absolutely no apartment management experience, especially government subsidized apartment management experience; and, though she was friendly with me at first, suddenly she has become completely unreasonable, due to no reason(s) caused by me. At least twice over these past two months I have tried to politely convey to her that it has been my experience from five and a half years of residing in this complex, and fifteen years overall of living in government subsidized complexes, that it has been standard procedure to hold the rent checks turned in on time every month (i.e., the first day of every month), because the elderly and/or disabled Social Security recipients residing therein do not receive the bulk of their Social Security funds until the third day of each month (unless the third falls on a weekend, in which case they receive them at the end of the previous week). But this new manager will not listen to reason, has completely ignored my suggestions, has never warned me that she was going to ignore this procedure; and, as a result, she immediately deposited my June rent check on the first day of the month, causing my checking account to go overdrawn on the second day of June (though, thank Goodness, the bank went ahead and paid the check anyway).

The foregoing situation has caused me extreme distress and exacerbated my physical disabilities because I cannot handle such stressful situations, and because the bank charges exorbitant overdraft charges which I cannot afford on my extremely low, below poverty line income. I have always paid my rent on time, and I have never had this situation occur before in the entire five and a half years that I have resided where I presently live; thus, it threw me for a loop and naturally upset me. So, as soon as I discovered the situation on the afternoon of June 2nd, I left a telephone message for the resident manager that she has never returned, in which I as calmly as possible under the circumstances explained the situation she caused me to be in; then, immediately afterwards or soon thereafter on the same date, I phoned the owner to explain the situation and to seek assistance. From the moment I began to explain the matter, she became extremely rude, would not let me finish the vast majority of my sentences in which I very succinctly and reasonably attempted to explain the situation to her, and until the end of the conversation she was completely unwilling to listen to reason. Finally, she claimed that I could pay my rent late without detriment, that I should not pay it until after the third day of every month, and that their company would supposedly pay one overdraft charge of $35.00 if I provide proof of same from the bank.

Soon after that contact with the owner, it became very clear to me that this entire situation was perpetrated intentionally, and/or intentionally manipulated to occur, in order to again set me up and/or entrap me in an attempt to provoke another confrontation from which the ownership, management and/or government could claim that I am now "bouncing" my rent checks, that I "complained" again, a legal right and duty which I have been unConstitutionally and illegally outlawed from carrying out any further by way of the paperwork named above that I was served two years ago (thus I haven't complained at all in that entire two year period since I was visited by DHS), and/or from which they could also claim, and unConstitutionally presume me guilty of, that I supposedly again carried out "perceived threatening conduct" in violation of the above-referenced "federal restraining order" (even though I have said or done nothing that was in any way actually, and/or in reality, threatening). Because of all this, I am justly very concerned that this latest situation is going to be used as just the excuse that the federal government has been looking for to take additional vindictive and arbitrary action(s) against me; and that this time, instead of "simply" visiting me again and serving me with further paperwork, I am also naturally very concerned that something much more adverse, such as my being evicted, put literally out on the street and made homeless, and/or the government "disappearing" me, is even more likely to occur at this time than ever before.

Now, this brings me to the wider purpose of this article, to apply the example of my personal situation to the broader implications of what effect(s) this kind of treatment at the hands of what the U.S. government has now degenerated into, and at the hands of their agents and/or corporate associates, that is occurring all over the country, is having on the nation as a whole. For, it is just this kind of instilling of justifiable fear, or to go into avoidance and denial of such justifiable fear, that the government, as spoken of earlier, is purposefully promulgating, inculcating and perpetuating, seeking to make the vast majority of the citizenry into, out of fear, soldout automatons with no individual freedom(s), without the free exercise of any of those freedoms, and into mindless, unquestioning, enslaved drones who don't think for themselves. That is the form of corporate fascist government that we are under right now, and such governments and their corporate fascist partners and minions only become more and more fear-instilling, and more and more unmerciful, while fraudulently claiming that they exist to help the citizenry, and/or are doing what they're doing "for our own best good" and/or "the good of the country".

Governments such as the U.S. government that promote this kind and level of fear intentionally terrorize their populations, not to mention the entire world, with their aggressive violence, psychological operations (psyops), propaganda, indoctrination, conditioning, and wider and wider instilling of fear, to the point where, by design, most people who are self-centered will become so fearful that they will react out of nothing but selfish self-preservation, and become more than willing to automatically sell out and/or help the government to destroy anyone in order to protect themselves. Thus the domestic, U.S. government instigated terrorism and violence is purposely being increased, the level of fear is intentionally on the rise and being engineered to boil over more and more, and very soon we are going to see ever increasing self-preservation at the expense of greater and greater numbers of innocent citizens who mean no harm to anyone whatsoever. That is "The Terrorizing"; and that is what corporate fascist governments do, terrorize their own populations in order to further instill unquestioning conformance, compliance and/or obedience from their citizenry, who they consider to be the enemy, and nothing more than their expendable subjects that they demand nothing less than complete, "dying" (sic) subjugation from.

In addition, such governments also consider all freedom(s), especially freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the freedom to dissent against the liberty destroying aims of such corporate fascist enslavers, to be an enemy weapons system, which they also believe must be shown absolutely no mercy. Thus, they are targeting and eradicating all of those freedoms with every weapon at their own disposal, particularly through quasi-legal, extra-judicial and/or arbitrary actions like those that have so far been taken against me, supposedly "legalizing" fascist control mechanisms no matter how unConstitutional, in violation of international laws, otherwise illegal, repressive, and ever more brutal, terrorizing and horrific they become. Their message is, "Bow down and sell your soul to the devil, or we will destroy you (and/or take away your liberty)".

The repression may seem to be "soft fascism" at first, as in my case, and then very soon it escalates into unrestrained, sadistic, merciless, and bloodthirsty, "jackbooted" thuggery, for which those minions who carry it out receive immunity and impunity, being not only allowed to get away with it without consequences, but encouraged to carry out ever more severe forms of physical terrorism, abuse and torture. Those who perpetrate it have no compassion, or what they have had of compassion is very fast being programmed from them, so much so that we are already seeing vastly escalating, brutal force being used against completely innocent, non-violent and unresisting citizens all across the country; and the mainstream media is inculcating, if they report on it at all, a sense that such brutality in an ostensibly free country is supposedly acceptable, and even "necessary", which far too many citizens are falling for. If this is not literal terrorism in its various forms and levels of severity, at the hands of our own government, what is?

Such is the intentional climate that the U.S. government is creating in America, through the unConstitutional draconian, repressive "laws", institutions and actions which they have now implemented, created and begun to carry out against innocent American citizens, and against the freedoms we should hold most dear above all else other than God in this country and world, that most people are so fearful and suspicious, they largely remain silent, just as the government intended, when the last thing they should be is silent about the destruction of our country and its liberties. They are much more suspicious of other people than usual, and falsely suspect those who speak up for freedom and the preservation of our civil liberties embodied in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, as well as the preservation of True Freedom worldwide, of somehow being disloyal to the country; when, in actuality, it is those who non-violently and unflinchingly stand up against the eradication of our freedoms, and against the completely illegal and unConstitutional aggressive, "preemptive" and mass-murderous warfare abroad, "the supreme international crime", who are the most loyal to the country and world, and who are being the best, most responsible, most Truly Patriotic American and world citizens.

After reading the rest of this article, please see my previous article, "TYRANNY AND TREASON: T'NT to the Republic Being Destroyed from Within and Without", which I keep updating with further information resources. Remember, it is in-truth the unConstitutional draconian, repressive "laws", institutions and actions of the U.S. government that are traitorous and treasonous, not innocent American and world citizens who take a non-violent, unflinching stand against all of these Neanderthal abrogations, contraventions and violations of human freedom and dignity, and not those who exercise their rights and duties under international and/or Constitutional law(s) to defend themselves from the extremely terrorizing, violent and mass-murderous onslaught(s) against their independence, sovereignty and right(s) to be completely free of ALL aggressive war(s), imperialism, hegemony, and arrogant hubris, and to defend themselves against and be completely free of any and all invasions, violations and destructions of their civil liberties and/or human rights and dignities. Also recall that "(t)he pen is mightier than the sword", and that "(t)he truth will set you free"!

In closing, it is high time to wake up (if we aren't already), face that this is going on and getting worse and worse all over the nation, to not allow this increasingly barbaric and horrific corporate fascist government to succeed in getting us to live in fear and to take away all of our liberties, and high time to take more and more of a concerted, non-violent stand to take back and preserve our free republic before it is too late. Therefore, if there is anyone who can truly seek to help me with my own personal experience with this increasingly oppressive and repressive regime, please contact me by clicking on my name below and e-mailing me with your contact information; and, if you cannot help me yourself(ves), please do all that you can to try to find someone, and/or those, who can. Thank you, very sincerely, for any and all assistance you can give.

Wolf Britain is a fully physically disabled Equal, Human, Civil, Legal, and Liberty Rights Advocate; Independent Legal Assistant, Troubleshooter and/or Whistleblower; Personal Computer Specialist; Blogger/Blogmaster; Webmaster; Writer; and Poet; Sui Juris / Pro Esse Suo / Pro Se (meaning he only represents himself as best he can, does not practice law or medicine without a license, and does not give legal or medical advice, both of which should be obtained from legal and/or medical professionals). He is a bonafide member in good standing of the National Lawyers Guild (as a disabled former legal worker), the American Civil Liberties Union, and Amnesty International. Mr. Britain publishes his writings, via his blog, "AND NOW THE APOCALYPSE! Living in a World Full of Lies", at, as well as on other websites in the "blogosphere".


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