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T'NT to the Republic Being Destroyed

from Within and Without

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(First Part Originally Written on 19 May 2007,
and Added to on 4 May and 1 June 2008)
By S. Wolf Britain
And Now The Apocalypse!

[Copyright (c) 2007-2012 in the U.S.A.
and Internationally by And Now The
Apocalypse! (,
and/or S. Wolf Britain.
All rights reserved.]


Click here to go to the page on the 'Military Commissions Act'!        When the wanna-be Napoleonic, absolutely-despotic "dictator" and completely tyrannical and treasonous President of the United States, George W. Bush, signed the "Military Commissions Act of 2006" and the "John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007" on October 17th, 2006, effectively signing away all of the rights delineated in the first ten Amendments of U.S. Constitution known as "The Bill of Rights", throwing away that which distinguished the U.S. from the rest of the world in protected liberties and freedoms that would have very likely been unheard of in the entire world if it hadn't been for their beacon of "unalienable rights", I admit that I was so overwhelmed with dismay and a defeatist attitude, I allowed myself to be rendered almost completely unable to function for these past several months. I still find it difficult to even go on automatically breathing, so disheartening is the level of my consternation over this extremely threatening turn of events.

What is just as dispiriting, if not more so, is that most "Americans" aren't even aware of, or couldn't care less about, the dire danger that this "state of the nation" puts ALL of us under. In fact, such is the extremity of their ignorance on this state of affairs, that one is obliged to agree with what has been said recently of this completely perilous and disconcerting situation that, unless these circumstances are immediately and thoroughly remedied, it is "the end of the republic" of the United States. This, very unfortunately, is absolutely no exaggeration whatsoever, and that is just how life-threateningly dangerous this predicament is. For, if enough---and we're talking about most---Americans don't wake up completely to the extreme degree of danger that we as a country and people are presently in the throes of, and stand en-masse against it, we are about to head into such a period of darkness, mass-imprisonment and mass-murder, right within our own borders, that an ostensibly "free" country has never before seen in the whole history of this planet.

The two "laws" named above, and others such as the "USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act", the "Homeland Security Act", and countless "Executive Orders" and/or "Presidential Directives" signed by several Presidents which synergistically reveal the level of their tyranny, treason and threat to all freedom and liberty in the United States and the rest of the world, grant the U.S. government the so-called "power" and "authority" to declare anyone and everyone, including U.S. citizens, "unlawful enemy combatants" and to imprison, torture and murder them for simply exercising "free speech", criticizing the U.S. government and/or its allies, carrying out protest or dissent, seeking redress of grievances from the government, and/or demanding curtailment of the government's own excesses, such as those delineated herein, including for simply writing and publishing this very article, all without anything but "kangaroo" or "sham" due process of law "protections". (More on Presidential Directives and/or Executive Orders via the "FEMA link" below.)

It is of course claimed, and is completely false, that the "Military Commissions Act" supposedly doesn't apply to American citizens; but this "law" grants the U.S. government the so-called "license" to immediately and arbitrarily suspend or remove U.S. citizenship, thereby enabling them to also declare U.S. citizens "enemy combatants".

The very name of the related "U.S.A. Patriot Act" itself, is meant to imply, convey and convince that those who fulfill their duty(ies) as True American Patriots to question and/or dissent against its totally unConstitutional restrictions are supposedly "unpatriotic", and/or "traitors" to the United States, and those who support and defend it and its Constitution-, Bill of Rights-, Liberty-, and freedom- destroying mandates are supposedly "patriots", "patriotic" and/or the "true defenders and protectors" of the U.S., and the only 'true' "patriots", "patriotic Americans" and/or "true defenders and protectors" of the U.S., though ALL of this is also COMPLETELY false; and, in actuality, it is the exact opposite that is the Real Truth!

ALL "laws" like the "Patriot Act" are further meant to instill fear, to terrorize or terrify, and/or to instill concern that if we don't blindly and unreservedly support, defend, bow down to, AND OBEY all of the unConstitutional "laws" spoken of in this article, we may be called "unpatriotic" and possibly, if not very likely, suffer the consequences also spoken of herein; but, nevertheless, we must NOT succumb to that fear, terrorism and/or concern, and we must fulfill our True American Patriotic DUTY(IES) to stand up against ALL of the freedom-destroying, true U.S. government terrorism, and repressive and/or oppressive content of ALL, and NOT IN ANY WAY(S) WHATSOEVER bow down to ANY, of these completely unConstitutional, absolutely despotic, tyrannical, traitorous, and treasonous "laws"! For, to in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM bow down, and/or capitulate, to such entirely "anti-freedom laws" WOULD truly make us unpatriotic and traitors, to the United States and to the whole world!

Click here to go to an article on 'the looming police (and prison) state'!        On top of all this, and parallel to it, other "rules of law" have been enacted, and appropriations "authorized", much if not most of it stealthily and in relative secrecy from most of the American people, to build hundreds of "concentration" or "internment" camps, that either have already been, and/or are presently being, constructed in every single state in the U.S., having been carried out since the 1980s in the "REX84", "Continuity of Government" initiative(s), overseen then by former-Colonel Oliver North, and since then involving the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In January of 2006, even the mainstream media (MSM) pointed out that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approved and allocated three hundred and eighty million more dollars ($380M), granted in a contract to Vice President Cheney's company, KBR-Halliburton, to build even more such "camps" all over the nation. (For excellent analysis of this MSM announcement, see this article, "Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps". And for even more in-depth detail(s) on this subject, see these articles, "Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'", and "Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages".)

Click here to go to the page on George Orwell's book, '1984'!        George Orwell (aka Eric Blair), in his dystopian, prescient novel "1984", presented the evil police state motto, "freedom is slavery" (where obviously, the reverse is also inferred, 'slavery is freedom'), and this is what the American people, and the people of the rest of the world, are being prepared for in being led to believe that setting up a "communist-fascist" style police and prison state in the U.S. and all over the globe, and locking up, torturing and murdering those who stand up for true liberty, is supposedly "freedom".

The foregoing is classic "double-think" and/or "double-speak". "Freedom is (supposedly) slavery", slavery is freedom, "war is peace", peace is war, "ignorance is strength", strength is ignorance, up is down, down is up, black is white, white is black, right is left, left is right, wrong is right, right is wrong, lies are truth, truth is lies, etc. Many if not most "Americans" and others often hold such opposite thoughts, and sometimes speak them, at the same time, as well as hold opposing beliefs like "we (supposedly) have to give up our (civil) liberties for freedom", when we cannot have true freedom without a complete honoring of civil liberties. It is lies like the former, while indoctrinating and conditioning us to believe that they are supposedly the truth, which lead to our enslavement that we must NEVER accept.

All of these "laws", actions and attitudes, completely unConstitutional and anti-freedom as they are, along with others also totally unConstitutional that are no doubt yet to come, such as "hate (thought and speech) crime law(s)", and "law(s)" eradicating our sovereignty and borders allowing our country to be taken over by foreign citizens, already and/or about to be enacted, not only make the U.S. Presidency completely treasonous and tyrannical, but also make almost the entire, if not the entire, U.S. Congress completely tyrannical and treasonous for their complicity in passing the legislation which led to their "ratification" and signing into "law" in the first place.

As a direct result of all of this, it can again rightly be said, without any inaccuracy or overstating whatsoever, that this country, the United States of America, is under such grave threat(s) right now that its very existence, and the safety of each and every one of its citizens, is in critical danger, all or mostly from their own government. That is truly how precipitous this entire predicament is.

If "We, the People" don't very quickly restore the core values of this republic and the civilized world, and entirely eradicate these "laws", actions and attitudes which are an affront to everything decent, right and just that this country and world are ONLY supposed to truly stand for, very soon we are going to see millions of truly innocent Americans and others imprisoned, tortured and murdered for doing nothing but truly representing those core values of liberty and freedom; and, if we don't eradicate such unConstitutional "laws", actions and attitudes, it will very soon be "criminal" to truly represent the core values of freedom and liberty.

In fact, though our "leaders" give abundant lip-service that such is allegedly not the case, they already really believe it is supposedly, and already are seeking to make it, criminal to stand for True Liberty and Freedom, through institution of the repressive laws that are the subject of this article. We must NOT let this continue to happen; for, if we do let it happen, we are "done for" as a country and world, and freedom and liberty are done for as well. Dear God, please don't let this happen!

The subject matter of this article you are now reading is NOT falsely "crying wolf", "crying fire in a crowded theater", and/or "Chicken Little crying that the sky is falling". The fire IS burning and consuming all of our liberties and freedoms, and the "sky" IS falling though it doesn't look YET like it is. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US is in extreme danger, and the republic is falling! Wake up, wake up, you're about to be suffocated by the smoke, and/or be burned up by the flames of oppression, authoritarianism and totalitarianism! Once more, this is NO exaggeration WHATSOEVER!

We must, in order to be True Americans, and/or True Patriots the world-over, stand against this now fast-flooding tide of tyranny, oppression, treason, and repression, in every and all ways that we can. We MUST get off our literally brain-deadening cell phones, and away from the "dumbing-down", indoctrinating, brainwashing effects of remaining in front of our "idiot boxes", our televisions, come completely out of our self-centeredness, self-absorption and self-involvement in mundane, shallow, truly-meaningless pursuits (if we very soon don't have any TRUE liberty and freedom left anymore), and first and foremost put our energies into saving this republic, saving liberties and freedoms, from imminent and certain death, and saving countless numbers of truly innocent American citizens and many other world-citizens from truly false imprisonment, torture and murder at the hands of the extremely evil, tyrannical, treasonous, despotic, psychopathic mass-serial-murderers who are seeking to run the world and destroy the United States of America!

There are MANY things we CAN and MUST do: Write articles such as this one, and post and/or otherwise spread them far and wide. Sign any and all petitions fighting against these dystopian, oppressive, draconian, and repressive "laws". Write Congress and/or your "Representatives", and/or call or visit them, expressing all of your justified concerns about these extremely important matters. Post fliers everywhere you can seeking to wake more and more people up to what's really going on, and/or to inform them about the protest gatherings. Pass out leaflets on street corners decrying the true state of affairs, and the true state of our nation. March in the mass-protest gatherings that are going on in your area, and all over the country and the world. And/or, think of other, more unique, and completely non-violent ways in which to stand up concerning these matters and to wake more and more people up to them. These are just some examples of what you CAN do to fulfill your Truly Patriotic DUTY to stand and help with these matters, and there are MANY things you can non-violently take part in to do your part to fulfill the Patriotic Duty that it IS the duty of ALL of us to contribute to in any and all ways that WE CAN, to....


You CAN do it! We MUST believe that! And we MUST try! Please, for the sake of yourselves, your loved ones, your families, your friends, and all of the many other innocent people who most-assuredly will perish at the hands of the evil, one-world, international globalists destroying all True Freedom and Liberty all over this earth, take a completely non-violent, anti-violence stand against all of this repression and oppression fast engulfing us! Thank you for all that you already do, and/or will do, for the sake of us ALL! God TRULY bless you, and let ONLY True Love, Peace, Freedom, Liberalism, "Democrat-ism", Conservatism, "Republican-ism" ("Republic-an Values"), Liberation, Justice, Life, Liberty, Happiness, and Equality, FOR ALL, prevail! [But NOT one-world globalization (the "New World Order {NWO}" / "One World Nation {OWN}"), domination, subjugation, enslavement, and false so-called "unity", "democracy" and "freedom" for the entire world, based on lies, double-speak, propaganda, and deception to get us all to sell our souls to evil in the counterfeit disguise of false, so-called "goodness", "holiness" and "righteousness"!]....



[Some suggestions of what you CAN do to help in this cause, will be found below.]

Click here to go to the Global Research article on this occurrence!

EARLIER UPDATE(S) [24 MAY 2007, 5 JUNE 2007 AND 10 JUNE 2007]:

It came to my attention almost immediately upon having already published this article that the BushCONS have now issued a new "Presidential Directive", two Directives in one [NSPD (National Security Presidential Directive) 51 and HSPD (Homeland Security Presidential Directive) 20, and evidently others that are interconnected]. See the YouTube video about same, as follows:

These treasonous and tyrannical "powers" were signed by Bush on 9 May 2007, literally granting Bush dictatorial power(s) in the event of a "catastrophic emergency" [the next 9-11-like, U.S.-government-sponsored, "false-flag" terrorism event in the U.S. and/or against U.S. "interests" any place in the world, yet another "Pearl Harbor" event to very conveniently, as 9-11 did, give Bush and Company the so-called "justification(s)" to institute martial law, supersede the balance of powers in the Three Branches of government], and the so-called "authority" to take absolute control of the ENTIRE government.

The office of the presidency would determine what supposedly is constitutional, and what supposedly isn't constitutional, jobs that are ONLY supposed to be carried out by the Legislative (Congressional) and Judicial (Supreme Court) Branches of the U.S. government to protect us from just such one-person rule. Therefore, this Directive would make Bush, and/or the next President in office at the time of such a "catastrophic emergency", the first monarch, or emperor, and "absolute ruler" of the United States, making all of us as a People, no longer free, but literally enslaved to his or her "absolute rule", contrary to, and overthrowing, the protection of the freedoms and civil liberties under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and thereby putting all of us in even more extreme danger than we already are.

Do you now see, if you didn't already know, who the true terrorists that "hate our freedoms" are? Bush and Company are seeking to destroy all liberty and freedom in "the land of the free", to set up a gulag slave state in "the home of the brave", and to turn most of us into slaves and cowards. Very sadly, they have largely succeeded in already doing so, because a quarter to a third, perhaps more, of Americans, if they care to even find out about these facts, do absolutely nothing about this destruction of all True Freedom and Liberty, and yet they claim to love their country while they help sell us out to enslavement by that very inaction. Well I've got news for them, those who truly love their country do whatever they can to non-violently stand up against all despotism and tyranny that is very rapidly seeking to engulf them as this present urgent crisis is doing!

Wake up, People! There is no time to waste! Please help in trying to save this country, and millions of lives, before it is very soon too late! Thank you again for all that you do, and/or will do, in the cause of True Liberty and Freedom! [Again, suggestions of what you CAN do to help in this cause, will be found below.]

Proof of these Directives, and their extremely treasonous and serious nature, can be found (1.) here, (2.) here, (3.) here, (4.) here, (5.) here, and (6.) here.

The very issuance of these Directives is in and of itself the ultimate grounds for not only impeachment, but the immediate arrest of Bush and his fellow-usurpers of U.S. government, Congressional and Judicial, power(s) and authority for such blatantly illegal and traitorous action(s) against the Constitution and the People of the United States of America.


Click here to go to the Impeach for Peace website to 'sue' for impeachment!

RECENT UPDATE(S) [27 JULY 2007, AND 28 SEPT. 2007 (VIDEOS)]:

Now, the latest news of "presidential" tyranny is yet another "Executive Order (E.O.)" signed by "Emperor Bush" on 17 July 2007 entitled, "Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq", which essentially outlaws all anti-war protest and/or criticism of the war, because such dissent, and those who carry it out in fulfillment of their Constitutional, First Amendment rights and duties, could under this new E.O. be claimed to be threatening "stabilization" efforts in Iraq; or, as Kurt Nimmo put it so aptly in one of his blog's latest articles, "....unending destruction and misery... in Iraq" ( see Kurt's article, "Commander Guy Delivers Another Scary 'al-Qaeda in Iraq' Campfire Story", from his new, "Another Day in the Empire", blog ). Notice the following videos on the subject:

Thus, not only can the private property of all anti-war organizations and individuals now be seized, all dissenters can now be interned, imprisoned and/or jailed for the completely false allegation of "aiding the enemy". This step is the final "plank", to be set up in the United States, of the ten steps to setting up a communist-fascist dictatorship as outlined in The Communist Manifesto, "confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels", as the other nine steps have already been instituted in the U.S. pursuant to other, some previously outlined, codifications into U.S. "law". In addition, and this is clearly no mere afterthought due to the extreme illegality and seriousness of undermining and abrogating the U.S. Constitution, this latest treason by the Bush presidency also violates the Fifth Amendment of said Constitution, as well as the Fourth Amendment, and/or Articles Six and Seven of the Bill of Rights, which state(s), "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law....", etc.

In short, the United States of America is now officially the "United States of (Communist-Fascist) Autocracy (and/or Authoritarianism)", and is no longer a free country, unless of course all of these tyrannical and treasonous "laws" are repealed and/or overturned. But, with the U.S. Supreme Court increasingly pro-Bush-NeoCON, and pro-communist-fascism, in favor of eradicating freedom and civil liberties in this once great nation, and the U.S. Congress apparently cowed to and in almost complete acceptance of a "unitary executive", in violation of all that this country once stood for, it looks increasingly unlikely that the overthrow of the United States by corporate-neo-communist-theocratic-fascism, particularly since the process of doing so, slowly but surely, has been taking place for over one hundred years, is going to be overcome short of the very soon return of the Lord Jesus the Christ.

Yet this does NOT IN ANY WAY obviate and/or make any less crucial the immediate fulfillment of our Constitutional DUTY(IES) AND OBLIGATION(S) as individual free citizens to resist and throw off ALL such tyranny, oppression, despotism, and repression, and to throw off and resist ALL of the despots, tyrants and oppressors who seek to reduce us under the absolute enslavement of their despotism, repression, tyranny, and oppression, which we cannot submit and/or surrender to in any fashion whatsoever!


Additional excellent articles and videos on this subject, on the subject of impeachment, and actions you can take, can be found (7.) here, (8.) here, (9.) here, (10.) here, (11.) here, (12.) here, (13.) here, (14.) here, (15.) here, (16.) here, (17.) here, (18.) here, (19.) here, (20.) here, and (21.), for my Care2 News Network (C2NN) page, a collection of other videos and/or articles related to these and other subjects, and my latest article/video submissions, here (please "Note" as many of my C2NN video/ article submissions as you are interested in, to help them get to C2NN's front page and edify more people---thanks).

Click here to go to an article about author Naomi Wolf's uncovering of the Bush family's Nazi ties!
(Click here to view the above pic in its actual size so
you can view and read the details in it much better.)

Click here to go to the RINF (.Com) Alternative News website's '911-Truth' page!

NEWEST UPDATE(S) [23 NOVEMBER 2007, 21 DECEMBER 2007, 2 JANUARY 2008, 7 FEBRUARY 2008, 16 MARCH 2008, 25 MAY 2008, 1 JUNE 2008, 4 JULY 2008, AND 4 AUGUST 2008 (AS WELL AS IN BETWEEN)]:

If the foregoing unConstitutional "laws" weren't shocking, awful, terrible, and horrific enough, taking down all freedom in the past-republic of the United States as they have done, our worst concerns have now been realized, not just by the foregoing, but also fulfilled by our concern, mentioned above, that the next step would be to institute unConstitutional "hate" and/or "thought-crime" legislation in order to pass such "laws" into being which would enable the now autocratic, authoritarian, fascist, anti-freedom, terrorist, and now becoming totalitarian and repressive, U.S. government to outlaw the Constitutional, First Amendment right(s) and duty(ies) to dissent.

Then they can "quasi-" and/or "extra- 'legally'" come after all dissenters and/or those who are doing nothing but exercising and fulfilling their Constitutional right(s) and duty(ies) to question, stand up against and abolish those oppressive and/or repressive actions now being taken by the U.S. government in contravention and destruction of all that is Truly Right, True and Free, thereby taking the final steps to eradicate all freedom, and completely overthrow all "government of the People, by the People, and for the People", in "America"; and, by extension of their fascist, mass-murderous terrorism, imperialism, hegemony, hubris, endless war(s) of aggression, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, in the rest of the world as well.

Through passage (in an extremely shameful, tyrannical and treasonous vote of 404 to 6!) by the U.S. House of "Representatives"---who are supposed to do NOTHING but represent the will of the majority of the American people, though they no longer do---of the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007" (House Resolution Bill HR-1955) on 23 October 2007---otherwise known as "The Thought Crime Bill"---an amendment to Title VIII of the "Homeland Security Act of 2002" (6 U.S. Code §§ 361, et seq.), the fulfillment of our worst concerns, as stated above, have now come to fruition; particularly considering that the consensus is that passage of this legislation into (unConstitutional) "law" by the Senate is, to the complete detriment of this country and the entire world, a foregone conclusion. This, and all of the U.S. government's aforementioned actions, is and/or are a declaration of war against the American people by "their own" government!

This latest "law" essentially makes it "violence" and "terrorism" for U.S. citizens and others to believe in, promote and/or promulgate an "extremist belief system", and such an extremely broad definition can, is meant to, and will apply to just about anything, including non-violently standing up for, defending, protecting, and seeking to preserve the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Please watch a video about the matter, as follows:

And please watch the following video as well, which is the most important of all of the videos I have posted in this article, a talk that Naomi Wolf gave about the rise of fascism in the U.S. that she wrote about in her new book, "The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot". The video that follows is a recording that was produced on October 11, 2007 when Naomi Wolf spoke at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus on the topic:

Such "laws", and the stealth-rise of fascism in a previously free country, is truly of such Orwellian (authoritarian / totalitarian / military - police - prison - state), dystopian (anti-utopian) and draconian (severe / cruel / tortuous / terrorizing / horrific / oppressive / repressive) dimensions that it, along with all of the other above-referenced "laws" that are used as part of "justifying" the rise of fascism, completely undermine and overthrow all civil liberties and/or Constitutional freedoms, rights and duties, throws all of us into a nightmarish, very-soon-to-be-reality where, unless We the People repeal and/or overturn all of these impositions of completely un-American, anti-American, anti-freedom, police-state authoritarianism, totalitarianism, oppression, and/or repression, we will quite rapidly see many thousands of non-citizens (which we are already seeing) AND MANY THOUSANDS OF CITIZENS (which we have already seen on a, as far as we thus far know, limited basis with such American citizens as Jose Padilla) alike being "disappeared" into "due-process-free" (without rights under Constitutional rule of law to fair trials, etc., in civilian courts of law, not "kangaroo courts" and/or military-mobster-operated, unjust tribunals such as "military commissions" hearings) government custody, internment and/or imprisonment.

The so- interned and/or imprisoned will have their sanity destroyed with isolation, sensory-deprivation and other torture(s), and/or be heinously inflicted with "cruel and unusual punishment(s)", against the uncharged and/or unconvicted, in violation of the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Article Ten of the Bill of Rights, and other laws, as Jose Padilla's and others' sanity have already been destroyed in a completely criminal and un-American fashion, and in total contravention and abrogation of all the high principles that the U.S. is ONLY supposed to stand for.

At that point we would be without continued citizenship if any (it being summarily and/or automatically taken away by arbitrary edict and/or ruling of "kangaroo courts" and/or military-mobster-operated, unjust tribunals such as "military commissions" hearings and/or laws), without habeas corpus (being able to seek relief from unlawful imprisonment and legally demand fair trials, etc., in civilian courts of law, not "military commissions" hearings), without access to lawyers and communication with family and/or friends, without protection(s) from being cruelly and severely tortured and/or terrorized, and without protection(s) from being arbitrarily executed and/or murdered for imagined or perceived "crimes" of which we will be presumed guilty, ALL OF WHICH ARE TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND IN VIOLATION OF MANY OTHER DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL LAWS!


Click here to go to the article, 'Here Come The Thought Police', on C2NN!

Click here to go to the article, 'HR 1585 Authorizes Plans For Martial Law', on TruthNews.US!

It is by no means a mere footnote on my part that the BushCON/NeoCONS, and their kissing-cousins the NeoLibCONS, all of which are one giant junta-cabal of Neo-Lib-Nazi-CONS now running the U.S. government, who believe they supposedly rule the American people, and who think they can supposedly get away with not doing the will of the majority of the American people, are also ramming through further related, traitorous and unConstitional legislation as part of House Resolution Bill HR-1585, the "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008", preparing for the declaration of martial law nationwide in the United States, suspension of U.S. Constitutional Rights, and the implementation of a permanent militarized police state in the "Homeland", eradicating all of the freedoms that the American people have stood for during the entire past 230-plus years!

All of the aforesaid "laws", already enacted or very soon to be enacted, and delineated throughout this entire article, are diabolically interconnected and are all part of a huge, highly coordinated and extremely aggressive effort on the part of "our fearless (betrayors)", aka treasonous traitors, to overthrow the Constitution of the United States; which, again, we cannot take lying down, and must non-violently resist with all of the True American Patriotism that is in us; and, if we haven't found that True American Patriotism is us as yet, we must find it and take a concerted, non-violent stand against ALL of these inroads of the corporate - neo - communist - theocratic - fascist overthrow and takeover of the United States of America and the world, and we have to do it NOW, EN MASSE, FOR THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MORE TIME TO WASTE!


For more information on this and related subject matter to this update and/or article, you will find more such information (22.) here, (23.) here, (24.) here, (25.) here, (26.) here, (27.) here, (28.) here, (29.) here, (30.) here (very possibly one of the best articles on the topic thus far), (31.) here (Part 1---another highly excellent article on the subject, in two parts), (32.) here (Part 2), (33.) here (yet another highly excellent article on this topic), (34.) here (about Democrats being for this fascism too), (35.) here (a highly in-depth and excellent article that brings together all of the laws previously discussed in this, my instant, article and then some, proving how the U.S. was completely transformed into a militarized police state, and all civil liberties were abolished, as far back as November 13, 2001 with the signing by "Dictator Bush", at that time, of "Military Order Number 1", which I didn't previously know existed until I read said article), and (36.) here (an excellent Bruce Fein piece on the steadily encroaching fascism, with more on "The Thought-Crime Bill").

More excellent proof of the danger(s) we are under are also to be found (37.) here (another excellent message of warning by Kurt Nimmo, and referencing Paul Joseph Watson, about the panopticon surveillance state that is being erected around the world, and the eradication of privacy and freedom), (38.) here (titled, "Top American Fascism News: Keeping Track of the Fascists"), (39.) here (entitled, "[The] 21st Century Global Police Force"), (40.) here (titled, "Rule by fear or rule by law?", this highly excellent article finally brings the facts in my article more out into the open in the 'mainstream media'), (41.) here (entitled, "Spying, Artificial Intelligence and Martial Law"), (42.) here (titled, "Congress, the Bush Administration and 'Continuity of Government' Planning: The Showdown [If There Is A Showdown!]"), (43.) here (entitled, "Bush's Conspiracy to Create an American Police State: Part I, Police States Begin With False Flag Attacks", this is a superb eight part series of articles), and (44.) here (titled, "If you’re reading this, George Bush has reserved a bunk for you in one of his detention camps").

You will find even more great supporting documentation for the perils of the present time (45.) here (entitled, "Report Pushes Passage Of Thought Crimes Bill"), (46.) here (titled, "'Continuity of Government' Planning has … Superseded the Constitution as a Higher Authority"), (47.) here (entitled, "Senate Moves Forward on Orwellian 'Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act' [aka the 'Thought Crimes Bill']"), (48.) here (titled, "Main Core: 8 Million Americans A Security Threat?"), (49.) here (entitled, "The Last Roundup: Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?"), (50.) here (titled, "The Real Life 'Ministry Of Love' Is Being Built"), (51.) here (entitled, "Government Now Declaring U.S. Residents Enemy Combatants [--Citizens Are Next!]"), (52.) here (titled, "[The] Perilous Pitfalls of Secret Government"), and (53.) here (entitled, "The False Logic of Hopelessness (Why the Elephant Should Stand Up to the Mouse)").

Here, as follows, are further very important and highly pertinent, and more recent, articles and videos concerning the dire condition(s) of the United States and the world at this time (added to this article and to this site on Independence Day, July 4th, 2008), which you will find (54.) here (titled, "YouTube Video: 'MSNBC's Keith Olberman, et al. - It's Official!!!! Bush and company lied to get a war in IRAQ'"), (55.) here (entitled, "'Legislating Tyranny', Dr. Pual Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton on how our Constitutional democracy and republic are being destroyed [an extremely important article!]"), (56.) here (titled, "YouTube Video: 'Marjorie Cohn, A.L.: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules' [concerning torture---excellent and highly important testimony before the House Judiciary Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee on 6 May 2008!]"), (57.) here (entitled, "'Testimony of Marjorie Cohn before the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties' [transcript of the foregoing extremely important testimony!]"), and (58.) here (titled, "'U.S. General Accuses Bush Administration of War Crimes' [very important and historic landmark in current events!]").

Continuing with the previous paragraph's update(s) and addition of other excellent articles and videos, more will be found (59.) here (entitled, "'Boumediene v. Bush' [Wikipedia explanation of the exceedingly important decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on 12 June 2008 restoring Habeas Corpus protection(s)!]"), (60.) here (titled, "'Strutting Fascism and Swaggering Militarism' [extremely important article on the history of the rise of and takeover by fascism in the U.S. and the world!]"), (61.) here (entitled, "YouTube Video: 'VINCENT BUGLIOSI: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder' [highly important and excellent presentation on the many murderous crimes of the Bush regime!]"), (62.) here (titled, "'Kucinich: Impeachment NOT "Off the Table"' [great article on Congressman Dennis Kucinich's very heroic submission of 35 Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush and his extremely criminal administration on 10 June 2008!]"), and (63.) here (more highly excellent articles and videos on Boumedine v. Bush, impeachment, etc.).


Click here to go to the great website, 'Rogue Government', at!

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To provide you even more supporting documentation for much of the ever-increasing, more and more out in the open, government criminality at the present time, and to highlight the latest of such government criminality, the following are some additional articles to be found on the subject, (64.) here (entitled, "'There Is No (Longer Any) Fourth Amendment' [the truth about the evisceration of the Fourth Amendment through the Senate's passing, and "Emperor Bush" signing, the latest completely illegal, unConstitutional and criminal FISA bill travesty and miscarriage of justice, 'legalizing' spying on millions of Americans and granting immunity to criminal corporations such as AT&T, etc., for illegally spying on Americans for the past seven or more years]"), (65.) here (titled, "'FISA ‘compromise’ completes transformation of US into full police state' [further proof of the extremely grave, insidious and nefarious nature of this most recent undermining and destruction of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights]"), (66.) here (entitled, "'R.I.P. -- the 4th Amendment & the Rule of Law' [another excellent article on the overturning of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by way of the new FISA 'law']"), and (67.) here (titled, “‘Spy Bill Creates "Infrastructure for a Police State"’ [yet another honest article on the new FISA ‘law’]”).

And for even more supporting documentation of the ever-increasing government criminality going on right now, seeking to bring this country and much, if not all, of the planet under a one-world government dictatorship and militarized police, slave and prison state, the following are further articles on the subject, and related issues, to be found (68.) here (entitled, "Think Tank Calls For Bush to Be Dictator For Life"), (69.) here (titled, "Neo-Cons: Make Bush Dictator Of The World"), (70.) here (entitled, "When COINTELPRO Comes Calling"), (71.) here (titled, "Impeachment Hearings Are the Appropriate and Necessary Next Step"), (72.) here (entitled, "Why Bush Impeachment Is Necessary"), (73.) here (titled, "Welcome To The 21st Century Police State"), (74.) here (entitled, "Save The Planet? How About Saving The Republic?"), and (75.) here (titled, "The Lie of the Century").

You will also find further information (76.) here [my Care2 News Network (C2NN) page, a collection of other videos and/or articles related to these and other subjects, and my latest article/video submissions (again, please "Note" as many of my C2NN video/article submissions as you are interested in, to help them get to C2NN's front page and edify more people---thanks). More links and/or videos will added in the form of further updates to this article as more material on this topic becomes available and/or comes to my attention.]

Once again, it is the DUTY of us ALL, as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, included under the Constitutional rule of law, to stand up and throw off all such tyranny, treason, despotism, oppression, repression, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism with all of our non-violent "might" IN ANY AND ALL WAYS THAT WE CAN, OF WHICH THERE ARE MANY! [See all of the foregoing, and following, suggestions of actions we all can, should and must take, as well as those listed (77.) here (this link goes to an extensive list of further actions you can take to help bring about impeachment of the BushCON, NeoCON mass murderous and freedom destroying mobsters and monsters).]

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